Shaperbay’s intuitive, web-based software simplifies the process of designing your perfect surfboard. Whether you’re a seasoned shaper or a first-time designer, start crafting your dream surfboard with Shaperbay today!



Welcome to Shaperbay! Formerly known as WebShapingBay, Shaperbay is a fully parametric, web-based surfboard modeling software designed to streamline the surfboard design and production process. With its user-friendly interface, Shaperbay allows both novice and experienced shapers to effortlessly create surfboard models and export production-ready files.

Our Commitment: Shaperbay is dedicated to supporting shapers who prioritize environmentally and socially responsible practices in surfboard building. Currently, our most sophisticated features are tailored for crafting “skin on frame” hollow wooden surfboards, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design tools.

Get Started: Dive in and explore our features. Scroll down to try it out and begin shaping your eco-friendly surfboard with Shaperbay today!

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